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Excellence Beyond the Basics

Hosted by George Miller...
Author of The Uncommon Lector
Founder of Catholics

Workshops, Seminars & Videos

Lector from the Inside-Out
 Website founder George Miller's sessions out of Orlando are in the form of workshops, keynote talks and breakout sessions; all customized to a church's needs, agenda and audience profile.
View his program outline. Then contact us for more info. 
The Effect of Public Reading of Scripture:  
An inspiring series of short videos by Christine Burkett of the Duke Divinity School. 
For information on her live workshops in North Carolina, read more here.   
By Oregon-based Dan Sakraida, his programs feature a beautiful and structural approach, showing how Sacred Scripture becomes a form of spoken music where the printed word is lifted off the page and proclaimed as a living, dynamic and timeless form of praise to glorify the Word of the Lord.  
Douglas Leal combines his years of experience as a professional actor and director with his ministry as a liturgist and his work as a consultant and trainer to turn ordinary “readers” into real “proclaimers.”  
Workshops nationwide by Catholic TV personality Audrey Sommers. Her Telly Award winning video, Lector and Gospel Reader's Workshop: A Resource for Bringing God's Word to Life, is on our Learning Center page. Read product review here. 
Chicago based trainer Denise Thompson offers lector formation programs, skill training and personal consultation. View her  YouTube sessions and proclaiming tips.

 Veteran voice trainer and lector coach Steve Domier offers training in professional public speaking and the formation of a more responsible parish community of lectors. Based in southern California.

Bread of Life... for Eucharistic Ministers
​A morning retreat to remind Catholic Eucharistic Ministers of the dignity and importance of their ministry, and fuel their passion for carrying the bread of eternal life to their fellow parishioners. Rich in age-old testimonies to counter the challenges against our beliefs in Christ's true presence in the Eucharist, and equip us to stand stronger.  For a topic outline of this session, contact us. 

Lectors and Parish Leaders... ​
If you know of other lector trainers besides those listed here, 
let us know so we can include them.  Thanks!