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Lector Resources

Hosted by George Miller, ​​Author of Catholic Lector 
from the Inside-Out  and The Uncommon Lector

​​   Proclaiming God's Word for Greater Effect     

Preparing for Sunday
This area is broken into separate sections for lectors, homilists and worshipers, each with their own methods of preparing for the readings. 

Daily & Sunday Readings
 from U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

  Listen to Audio Recordings
Daily & Sunday Readings
 Inspiring Video Presentations from Catholic Online
For Homilists... ​
Self-help sites to help priests, deacons and lay preachers present

compelling and effective explanations of the Scriptures proclaimed.
Valuable sites for learning how to listen attentively to the Mass readings and be able to apply what's been heard after departing home from Mass.
For Lectors ...
An extensive collection of helpful sites, tools and resources to help lectors be the best proclaimers of God's word that they've been called to be.