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Homiletic Resources
Ideas and Insights for Your Upcoming Sermons and Homilies

Catholic Homilies
This is THE arsenal of Sunday Homilies, preparation websites, books, audios, videos and many other resources for preparing timely and engaging homilies.  
Homiletic and Pastoral Review
This site helps priests prepare stimulating homilies that explain the Sunday and holy day readings. They are written by many of today’s outstanding preachers, and can also help lectors see how their assigned readings relate to the Gospel message and overall theme of the readings.

Resources for Catholic Pastors
This site features a video, Catholic Homilies: Make Your Message Matter, discussing exit interviews with Catholics who left their parishes, with many of the respondents citing poor preaching and irrelevant homilies as a key reason why they left.

Proclaim Sermons
A leading resource used by thousands of pastors to help with their preaching every Sunday. Sermons are freshly written by a renowned staff of writers, based on the lectionary calendar, timed to today’s concerns and are always biblically relevant. Illustrations also provide valuable alternate ideas to spark your creativity.

Includes introductory teachings each Sunday for presiders to use before the readings, plus historical insights, theological background and helpful hints for proclaiming effectively. 

A Preachers' Exchange
​In English and Spanish translations from Fr, Jude Siciliano, includes insightful commentary on upcoming Sunday readings, CDs and an array of tools and resources for spiritual priests, deacons, lectors and listeners grasp and embrace the richness of God's word in preparation for upcoming Sunday Liturgies.

The Word Proclaimed Institute
​A treasury of teachings and commentaries on video to help priests, deacons, lectors and listeners prepare for upcoming Sunday liturgies. Each week, renowned scripture scholar Fr. Francis Martin offers reflections and commentary on the Sunday readings. 

Preaching the Ministry of Faith
This 52-page USCCB document talks about the need for the renewal of preaching in the Catholic church. Surveys show that Catholics are calling for more powerful and inspiring preaching instead of tepid or poorly prepared homilies, resulting in discouragement and turning away from the Church.

Sermon Writer
A weekly email service carefully coordinated around the scripture text –– usually the Gospel lesson: Resources include scripture, exegesis, sermon title, a full sermon,
thought provokers, hymn selections and more.

Roman Catholic Homilies
Catholic Online Resources (COR) offers a Roman Catholic homily writing service specifically designed to assist Priests, Deacons and Lay Preachers with their weekly sermons. Available by annual subscription.

Homiletics Online
A sermon preparation resource providing solid content for the pastor who has too much integrity to preach someone else's sermon. Available by subscription.

Homily Pearls
A subscription service providing reflections on the Sunday readings that follow a clear and logical format that will aid priests and deacons with homily preparation, content and delivery; by Deacon Ralph Torrelli.

Connections Newsletter
NOT a "canned" fully written sermon service nor a commentary on the Sunday Scriptures, but a newsletter of ideas, approaches and reflections designed to help you develop a homily that is yours, using words and images that you make your own. Available by subscription.

Sunday Sermons
Keyed to the Roman Catholic ABC Lectionary cycle, gives ready access to the weekly homilies, prayers, and children's messages -- plus a searchable, 2 million word database and a growing collection of relevant sermon illustrations. By subscription.

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