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Hosted by George Miller, 
​​Author of Catholic Lector 
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The Uncommon Lector

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"Good Job" Ain't Good Enough...

As proclaimers of God's word,  we never arrive at a level to where we can't do
better, no matter how many attaboys our family, friends or even our pastor give us... I hope this site encourages you to "raise your bar" of excellence to better please not just your listeners, but especially our mighty Savior, Jesus Christ... 

​So browse around. Then 
contact me anytime with your questions, comments ​or
ideas for making this site your go-to resource for being the best proclaimer you've been called to be.                                                                          
                                                                                                                                        George Miller, Website Founder & Host

Why This Site?

Hear George's reasons for founding this site,
and the many benefits of using it regularly.

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You Are More Than Meets the Ear
... and you'll be certain of it
after you've attended this 
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"Lector from
  the Inside Out"


Gain fresh insights and
inspiration to help you become the best proclaimer of God's word you've been called to be.

Discover new ways to break through the baggage and preoccupations people bring with them to Mass, help them be more attentive to the readings, and raise their thirst to hear more of God's word every Sunday., and much more

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